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2018 Horror Series Collage

The 2018 horror series is in the books. I tried a new style with acrylic paint and ink this year and I love how it turned out. This year’s series is 40% off on my Etsy page now through Saturday, Nov. 3rd.

Additionally, get free shipping on nature art and select autumn art. Other items are 10-12% off. Happy Haunting, and be safe if you are going out Trick or Treating tonight! Don’t let the angry ghouls bite.

Art available on my Etsy page.


October Drawing Series Week 5

The last two drawings in my series are from two of my all-time favorite movies. I hope you enjoy them.

‘The Fly’
Most people think of the David Cronenberg version with Jeff Goldblum, but long before that a version of ‘The Fly’ starring Vincent Price was released. It’s full of old fashioned creature feature awesomeness and the occasional unintentional misogyny of the time.

The Fly

Bette Midler, ‘Hocus Pocus’
This classic is cheesy. Silly, even. The actors know it and own it, and that is what makes ‘Hocus Pocus’ a Halloween classic.

Bette Midler Hocus Pocus

Sam, ‘Trick ‘r’ Treat’
This one is based on an awesome comic book. The ensemble cast that includes Brian Cox and Anna Paquin had a ton of fun making this and it comes across on screen. Watch it. Buy it on blu ray. Make it part of your horror marathon if you haven’ done so already.

Trick or treat

These paintings are available on  my Etsy page.

October Drawing Series Week 4

This week is about monsters. Some of my favorite monsters, and an evil plant in Mexico.

One of my favorite horror movies based on one of my favorite books. Bela Lugosi’s monster is one of the most iconic characters in film history, and he did it so well.


Gary Oldman, ‘Dracula’
The first time I saw this film in the 90’s I thought it was cheesy. I didn’t watch it again until 2008 and realized while some aspects have some unintended cheese to them, it’s still a great telling of one of my favorite books. Gary Oldman makes the movie for me.


‘Creature From the Black Lagoon’
The creature inspired both comics and film for decades. ‘Swamp Thing’ and ‘The Shape of Water’ are just a couple of examples. If you haven’t seen the old black and white ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’, I suggest you add it to your Netflix disc queue.

Creature From The Black Lagoon

Elsa Lanchester, ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’
I draw the bride every year during my series. It wouldn’t feel like October if I didn’t. She never utters a word and only appears at the end of the film but it’s so great. If you haven’t watched this one or any of the old Universal horror films, I suggest you start with this one.

Bride of Frankenstein

You can purchase these paintings on my Etsy Page.

Creepy Doll Heads Halloween Decor

Throwing a Halloween party for youngsters can be fun for adults too. Add some eerie photographs of old used toys to your picture frames for the party. Print them black and white for added effect. Any antique store will have them and most stores allow you to take photos.

Creepy Doll Heads Set - No frames

If you don’t feel like taking the photos yourself, you can purchase some on my Etsy page. Frames not included in order.

October Drawing Series Week 3

This week didn’t really have a theme. I just painted some of my favorite horror movie characters. Enjoy.

Crispin Glover, ‘Willard’
‘Willard’ is easily one of my favorite creature features. Crispin Glover’s endearing and tragic performance sells it completely. He even recorded a version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Ben’ for the end credits. In real life, he also is a huge fan of rats making his casting in this film genius.



Jason Voorhees, ‘Friday the 13th Part VII’
The seventh film in the Jason Voorhees saga involves a teen with psychic abilities. After six movies, it was only a matter of time before a psychic entered the mix. By movie 10, Jason ends up in space with half the actresses from ‘Andromeda’. True story.

Friday the 13th


Betty White, ‘Lake Placid’
‘Lake Placid’ is such a fun, great movie. It holds up surprisingly well. It stars Bill Pullman, Brendan Gleeson, Bridget Fonda, and Betty White. She drops some of the best one-liners in film including “If I had a dick this is where I would tell you to suck it”. So awesome.

Betty White Lake Placid


‘The Ruins’
This film is not as brutal as the book (I highly recommend reading if you haven’t) but it’s still stressful to watch. My favorite part is when the flowers start talking and mimicking the characters.

The Ruins

These paintings are available on my Etsy page.

Sugar Skull Art

I painted some sugar skulls using acrylic paint on canvas boards and doing an ink wash over the paint. It made for a cool effect.

If you are looking for a cool way to celebrate the day of the dead, sugar skulls are the way to go.  They are available on my Etsy page.

Sugar Skull Blue

Blue Sugar Skull, Acrylic and Ink, 8×10. Painting available on my Etsy page.


Sugar Skull Purple

Purple Sugar Skull, Acrylic and Ink, 8×10. Painting available on my Etsy page.


Sugar Skull Red

Purple Sugar Skull, Acrylic and Ink, 8×10. Painting available on my Etsy page.

Creepy Taxidermy Photography

Looking to add something extra creepy to your halloween party? Add some taxidermy to the decor. If having real dead animals around your home isn’t your thing, take some photos of creepy taxidermy and replace your family photos with the black and white prints. It’s a cheap an fun way to add some macabre to your home during All Hallows Eve.

Taxidermy Set - No frames

If you would rather buy prints, I have some available on my Etsy page. Frames not included in order.

October Drawing Series Week 2

This weeks theme was toys gone bad. Had a lot of fun doing these drawings.

Chucky, ‘Child’s Play’
I wonder if, when they made this film, they knew it would turn into half a dozen movies. I was surprised after the third one that they continued making them since number three is so bad, but adding Jennifer Tilly as Chucky’s love interest seemed to make the movies better. Don’t worry about this scary doll though. He’ll be your friend ’till the end.

Childs Play Chucky

Brahms, ‘The Boy’
‘The Boy’ is one of those movies that throws in a twist in the third act. I’m not really a fan of this particular twist. I would rather have that the doll actually had actually been possessed and when he was destroyed his spirit got released into the house. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth checking out if you have some beer on hand.

The Boy

‘Gremlins’ is more of a Christmas classic than a Halloween one, but the horror aspects of this movies helped it make it into this years series. Besides, who doesn’t like a movie with Corey Feldman?


You can purchase these paintings on my Etsy page.

October Drawing Series Week 1

Last year while working on my annual horror drawing series I had a request to include some family friendly movies. I’m more than happy to oblige.  There are plenty of movies about witches and creepy things made for both kids and adults.

Anjelica Huston The WitchesAnjelica Huston, ‘The Witches’

I discovered ‘The Witches’ while living in small-town Michigan in an era when renting movies from the local corner store was normal. The little market had an entire wall dedicated to VHS rentals. I remember seeing BETA tapes on clearance on the counter next to the register.  ‘The Witches’ remains one of my favorite childhood movies. It was my introduction to Anjelica Huston. If you watch it, keep an eye out for Jim Carter who played Carson on ‘Downton Abbey’.


Wednesday AddamsChristina Ricci, ‘The Addams Family’

‘The Addams Family’, both the movie and the original series, are near and dear to me. I often felt like the oddball in my own family so it was nice to see an entire collection of them on one family. While ‘The Addams Family’ also stars Anjelica Huston, I chose to paint Christina Ricci. Her other ghoulish duties include ‘Casper’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘Cursed’, and ‘the Lizzie Bordon Chronicles’.

Edward ScissorhandsJohnny Depp, ‘Edward Scissorhands’

Johnny Depp’s personal life aside, there will always have a special place in my heart for ‘Edward Scissorhands’. It started Depp’s long standing relationship with Tim Burton. It’s a sad representation on mob mentality that seems surprisingly poignant in our current times. I always thought Depp deserved an Oscar nomination for his portrayal in this film.




“Beetlejuice’ is one of those movies that my parents recorded on VHS off of network TV. It wasn’t until I say the film in its unedited form in college that I realized that Michael Keaton’s title character drops the f-bomb and grabs his crotch. I laughed so hard the first time I saw that part that I shot milk out of my nose. It’s one of those movies that you pick up on all the things you missed as a child when you watch it as an adult.


All of these paintings on my Etsy page.